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Creative digital solutions for business

Cylinder is a Melbourne based website design and development agency focused on customised content management systems (CMS), e-commerce, member association relationship management software and digital strategy. Our clients range from start-ups to major corporations.

Firstly understanding our customer's vision is of utmost importance to us. We then provide services that measurably improve workflows and profitability to deliver outstanding value to clients large and small.

But a stunning web design is no more than a pretty picture if it is not also a creative digital solution that drives consumer interest, engages members or builds business.

At Cylinder Web Design, we don’t just bring flair and imagination to your site. We have the experience and the ability to build the supporting infrastructure through our disciplined approach and proven methodology that helps us create digital solutions that are creative in every sense of the word.

The secret is threefold: our ability to understand your business goals; our experience in creating unique solutions; and the ability to integrate it all in a seamless and stylish interface with your world.

It all just clicks.

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Content Management

It's not rocket science, though many digital agencies would like you to believe it is. The key to getting the best custom content management system for your organisation is to realise that building the system is only the beginning.

To get the best of your digital content you firstly need to be able to ‘drive’ it quickly and easily to achieve your aims. It’s not just about updating information, handling membership or performing some CMS tasks. It’s about using your custom CMS as a business tool to test, target and refine. It’s where you focus and develop business strategy.

Secondly, you need to be super reactive in the social media age. More than ever with Twitter, Facebook and the next big thing (whatever it is).  Instant access is a given. The ideal is to work with a web builder who’s enthusiastic about the latest technology - not for its own sake but for its ability to give customers more tools and more ways to talk to their audiences.

At Cylinder we get the message about innovation, reliability and service. And, above all, about partnership. We work with a diverse range of companies so we are always on our toes, always on the lookout for ways to improve technology for better business results.

Once we hand over the keys, you'll be managing your own content in no time at all – not paying others to do it. We create powerful custom Content Management Systems that are not only tailored to meet your exact requirements, but designed to be controlled by you.

Skip the rocket science. Talk to Cylinder about how we can help you achieve your CMS goals.

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Association Membership Software

Is your Association Member Relationship Management system (MRM) a dinosaur? It’s a fast moving world and there’s no reason to be stuck in the digital stone age with an antiquated and inefficient system.

Cylinder can build a custom integrated membership management system specifically to meet your goals. Communicate better with your members, target member groups with marketing campaigns and streamline your administration workflow and foster stronger member relations.

Member based organisations using our software have:

  • Increased the quality of the communication to their members
  • Taken control of their content, deciding which members see what
  • Manage their member data from a secured centralised database with CRM-like features
  • Simple for new members to apply and current members to manage their own details
  • Loved working with our in-house designers to create a custom design
  • Thrilled that their site looks fantastic over desktop, tablet and mobiles
  • Create their own events and manage registrations
  • Create and manage event specific micro-sites from the one content management system
  • Achieved record member responses to email marketing campaigns
  • Reduced administrative time
  • Improved member retention and acquisition.

Are you living in the dark ages? We’re happy to give a second opinion on your current system. Let us demonstrate how we can help you achieve your association membership management goals.


Creative Digital Solutions

Clean, clear and crisp

To maximise exposure, make a visitor's experience enjoyable and hassle-free, and ensure you make the right impression.


Content Management

Top shelf, not off the shelf

We create content management systems that are powerful, flexible, easy to use and precisely tailored - one size does not fit all.


Association Membership

Get closer to your members

Enabling an online centralised database that's accessible from anywhere anytime, it's never been simpler to manage your member data.



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